Puppy Option
This option is merely to assume a position on the waiting list for a yet-unborn Golden Retriever puppy.  It is not a promise or a guarantee that a pup will be available. Click here for the printable version of this page
Potential Buyer


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1.  The Potential Buyer has enclosed with a signed copy of this agreement, and a completed Potential Puppy Purchaser Questionnaire a non-refundable deposit of $100, which will be applied toward the ultimate purchase price of the Puppy.  Should there be no puppies, or not enough to reach this Buyer on the list, it will be returned unless the Buyer wishes to wait for another opportunity.

2.  In consideration of the Potential Buyer’s deposit, Adirondac Golden Retrievers will place that party’s name on the waiting list with an option to buy a pup either from a specific litter, or from the next available litter. (litter being defined as 3 or more living pups after 5 days of age.)

3.  At 7 weeks of age the pups will be evaluated by an experienced Puppy Temperament Tester.  We will compare the characteristics of each puppy against the characteristics and needs of each puppy Buyer to determine which puppies will be the best choices for which Buyer. In addition to your personal preferences in regard to gender, color, energy level or preference for a particular puppy in a litter, consideration will be given to your depth of experience with dogs.

4.  Should it be mutually decided that there is not an appropriate puppy for this Buyer, as per the specifics on the PPPQ,  the $100 deposit will be returned.

5.  First pick male and female pups will be reserved for the litter owner, but may be available for sale.

6.  In the event of a dispute, New York State will have jurisdiction over the matter.

Particular Breeding: (please circle one if desired)
Xtra X Hudson

Buyer:_______________________________________     Date:________________________

Seller: ___________________________________________
           Carol M. Lantiegne for Adirondac Golden Retrievers 

Carol Lantiegne
239 Fravor Road
Mexico, NY  13114 - 315-963-8403  
Email:  puppies@adirondac-goldens.com
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