Dylan's Hearts

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Adirondac Hocus Pocus

A rainy day in New York....

A rainy day in New York....

Got room for one more?....

2018 Director’s Community Leadership Awards


Ducks Unlimited honors Adirondac Barton Miner MH

A Tony Zappia photo to accompany this outstanding article

A Double Q for Misty!

Cider finds shed antlers.....

How to Carry a bird bigger than you are.

George and Radar

Blessing of Jane

Hunter deployed to Hurricane Michael

Training Day

l. to r. Addie, Reddy, Scarlett, Chaser, Abbey, Pokey, Misty. Picnic is on the bench in front.

Lesson time

Two brand new Junior Hunters

Big League STORMY, now QAA

Aaaahhhh the "golden" years of Retirement

SHAKA on the job at Squaw Valley (part 3)

SHAKA on the job at Squaw Valley (part 2)

SHAKA on the job at Squaw Valley (part 1)

Lacie, being a golden (part 3)

Lacie, being a golden (part 2)

Lacie, being a golden (part 1)

Southern Adirondac dogs enjoying South Carolina.

Meet "River"

Adirondac Stonewall Jackson CDX MH *** takes Second Place in the 2017 GRCA Amateur Stake.


Finger Lakes Retriever Club held it's licensed AKC Sept. hunt test at Echoewood.

Finger Lakes Retriever Club held it's licensed AKC Sept. hunt test at Echoewood.

The new kids get their WC...



First Day Home

Update on Calamity Jane of Adirondac CD MH CCA WCX OD


Ready and Chaser show off their first ribbons


l. to r. Ready, Chaser and Pearl.

Getting the job DONE!

Adirondac Queen of the Hive


A Couple of outstanding winter hunts.....

Adirondac Sage and his person, Ed, did some snow
goose damage in Nebraska on a hunt of a lifetime.
Some retrieves took him 3-400 yards out into the pond....
non-stop action for 3 days, with comfortable and
well deserved rest at the foot of the bed in the motel.

Dwayne's "Challis" enjoys a mid-winter romp with a
wily rooster on a picture-perfect day afield.

3 balls!


WVU K-9 Wins Award For Service to West Virginia

Adirondac Lady Mountaineer received an award from the American Kennel Club and the Governor's office as a 2016 K-9 of excellence.

The 5-year-old golden retriever commonly referred to as "Ginger" is responsive for detecting possible explosives at university games and government events. She also accompanies her handler to local schools where they serve as community ambassadors.

"It's just excellent to be nominated by the AKC and to be recognized nationally," said Lt. Josh Cook, Ginger's handler. "It's just a really nice thing. I mean we do a lot to support our community here in Morgantown."

WVU K-9 Department Trains New Puppy

Marty Moose

Moxie at NUCS trial.

A new MACH for us, and another title for Tiki....

Scout WINS!

Stormy and Canoe both earned Master Hunter

Macallan goes 4/4 earning his AKC Junior Hunter

Adirondac Reddog Ruger UD SH WCX RAE

JFTR Adirondac Hocus Pocus MH WCX CCA ***


Our First Outstanding Sire - Trooper OS

The Bee Makes some Honey

Loki Coconino Majic


We Raise the Bar


"Opie" goes 4 for 4


ADIRONDAC SIR CHARLES...our newest Master Hunter

Here's a quiz for you..

Shaka, Avalanche Rescue dog

Loki, New SAR!



Beauty and the Beast

From A Pups Perspective

Adirondac Flaming Torch

Harley Hunter


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Stretch Armstrong

Happy Halloween from Murphy McGinnis in the Adirondacks.

OPENING DAY 2015 : Jax

OPENING DAY 2015 : Sage

OPENING DAY 2015 : Molly

OPENING DAY 2015 : Misty

Kids and Dogs learn together

Another place we shine!

Golden Retriever Club of Central NY WC /WCX

Adirondac's Stretch Armstrong

Stretch self-initiated this balancing act by jumping onto this downed log with the stick already in his mouth.

Scarlett and Zipper




Magic Retires

Adirondac Flaming Torch

Canine Good Citizen

Chain Gang

Picture Perfect Pretty:

Sir Charles



"Tucker" Benson


FTCH Adirondac Tea For Two

This is what a Canadian Field champion does for fun.....


Midas still has the right stuff. Sunday morning hunt.

Rusty Jason

A Day on the St. Lawrence River for Rusty Jason and Charlie


Flatland Jax Update

A Baily Story.....eleven months old

Happy Halloween


Bart and Lexy Photos

Bart & Willow





"Patsy" Harrison wearing her typical "WHAT......I don't know how this happened" expression. Patsy is a Karma X Shooter pup.

Full House

l. to r. Pokey, Trixie, Echoe, Magic, Karma and Jane

The Wisconsin Kids

Milk Bone

Adirondac Noreaster AKC - Search & Rescue - Wilderness

Hawk AKC - Search & Rescue - Wilderness


Aubrey looking pretty with her CCA ribbon.

Super Wally

"Walter" asks, "Where's my Superdog cape"?


Wisconsin Adirondac Family Reunion






Jane Puppies

Moxie X Reboot Puppies


"Cy", a Karma X Shooter pup dob 3/10/13.



Upland Classic Shoot To Retrieve

Happy St. Patsy Day from Patsy Harrison (Karma X Shooter)

Adirondac Curly Q MH


Swamper's First Retrieve

....a clone of his Daddy, Midas, ready to go on a goose hunt.
It was awesome. We had a great hunt yesterday. He was being a pup and didn’t see it go down. It was a good 50 yards. When he heard the gun he knew something was up. I took and lined him up. We went out telling him dead bird, and that’s all it took. The way he works is amazing. It’s like he’s been doing it for years. It took him no time to find it. Grabbed it and flew back. I didn’t have time to get a pic of him with it coming in. He’s so fast on the return, and then he wants to go back out. We have a good one here. We tried to get him more but we couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a scoop shovel. But it was good for him. When birds started coming I told him “down”. He lies right down and doesn’t move. I’ve seen him a couple times looking up watching the birds. I’ve just got to get him to look out over the blocks that will take maybe 20 minutes. He picks things up so fast. He’s just a pleasure to work with I’ll wait for the weather to break and get him out in the training field. I wish that I new more about this boy. He has “Master” written all over him. He’s fast, hard working, smart, and good manners. You name it he’s got it. I can’t thank you enough for putting your heart and soul in this bloodline. It’s not hard to see why people drive across country to get one. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Meet our Cover Dog: Rimi

Originally published in Garden & Gun Magazine, December 11, 2013, by Elizabeth Hutchison

If we didn’t already know that our readers are dog people, the sheer volume of inquiries that pour in anytime we put one on the cover would certainly clue us in. And the most recent December/January cover featuring Rimi, a golden retriever, in the back of a 1972 Land Rover Series III near Ridgeland, South Carolina, is no exception.

In this case, Rimi happens to be my family’s dog—or more accurately, my dad’s dog. A few years ago while working as a G&G intern I came across an email in the editorial inbox from a reader singing the praises of Adirondac Goldens and breeder Carol Lantiegne. As the family dog had just passed, I forwarded the information to my dad. Our golden retrievers—my parents have had four in my lifetime—had always been family dogs. But with an empty nest, my dad—an avid outdoorsman—was looking for a hunter this time around. And with more than forty years of experience breeding goldens for their traditional hunting abilities as well as for obedience and companionship, Adirondac fit the bill. Plus, Lantiegne and her dogs split time between upstate New York and Cheraw, South Carolina, so it was just a quick drive up from Charleston to meet the pups in person.

We picked up Rimi four years ago this January and my dad has been working with Ray Godwin at Webfoot Retrievers in Holly Hill, South Carolina, ever since. Smart, athletic, extremely obedient, and eager to please, Rimi is named for Rimini, South Carolina, a small town near Lake Marion and the Santee Wildlife Refuge, where she and my dad spend most Saturdays from November to February. Rimi got her Junior Hunter at a year old but is happiest at work in the field. She had eighteen retrieves on an early duck hunt. She’s great with pheasant and dove. And can trail a deer like a champ. But she isn’t above chasing a tennis ball in the backyard or mugging for our photographer’s cameras for the December/January cover shoot. Below, check out some of our favorite out takes from the shoot.

Adirondac Talk Birdy to Me!

Aubrey (Adirondac Talk Birdy to Me! - Rusty x Jane) finished her Rally Novice title last week. She was awesome! Our rally Novice B classes were huge with lots and lots of dogs and handlers entered. Not only did we qualify in three straight shows, but she scored in the high nineties at each trial, with placements every time. Plus, she was easily the youngest dog there! She's so much fun to work. We are jumping right on to Rally Advanced next. We've also started agility training, and dock diving. Wow, this pup is a blast! She is amazing!


FTCH Adirondac Tea for Two, WC **

FTCH Adirondac Tea for Two, WC ** (Adirondac Gold Standard CD MH CCA CGC VC OD X Light Farm’s Cooper MH WC *** OS)

Owner Tony Zappia writes:
On Sunday, August 18, 2013, my five-year old golden bitch, Adirondac Tea for Two WC *** earned her Canadian Field Trial Champion title: FTCH.
My first field trial dog and my first Field Champion! To my knowledge, Tea is currently one of two Golden retriever bitches that hold the FTCH title in Canada.
Tea has always given 100 percent of her desire and commitment to both training and competition. Very early on as a puppy, my good friend and field trial mentor, Tom Hawley, saw something in her. Knowing how demanding field trials are to both dog and handler, Hawley painstakingly tempered both me and Tea for the long haul as the field tial game isn’t for the squeamish or impatient. Along with Hawley, I relied on the experience of my training partner, Ron LaDuke, for his guidance, keeping both Tea and I focused on the big picture. I thank both of them.
Prior to Tea’s second birthday, I packed her up and sent her to the 2009 GRCA National Specialty with handler Megan Baker. Having limited time to train, Megan and Tea traveled to Oklahoma and won the Derby.
Three years ago pro trainer, Dave Thompson, Brighton, Ontario took Tea under his tutelage as a Qualifying dog. Thompson, had previous successes training and trialing some of the top goldens in Canada including CH OTCH FTCH AFTCH Firemark’s Push Comes to Shove ***, NAFTCH FTCH Brasdor’s Razzl Dazzl and FTCH AFTCH Shurmark’s Split Decision MH *** OS GRCC FDHF. It was Thompson who did the lion’s share of the work which earned Tea her title.
To date, Tea has qualified for two Canadian Nationals and is pointed for her Amateur Field Champion title. During her off season, she and I spend a considerable amount of time waterfowl hunting.
Oh, and for the record, when Tea is at home, our house is her house and our bed is her bed… I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Golden Retriever Club of Central NY: WC/WCX


Carol, Thanks. It was very rewarding bringing a dog this far. She was the youngest dog in the senior test, and only 5 out of 13 dogs passed. I'm pretty sure I was the biggest amateur there. Not to be a pessimist, but I entered her in the test with the expectation that she would fail and that I would learn what I need to fix. I was thrilled. I've been floating since she passed it. We busted and froze our asses off working in the fields all winter... I spent a lot of time packing down running lines with the snowshoes. She's been handling very well... it was funny, 2 weeks before the trial, a switch turned on and she quit trying to look for the bird and looked at me with the "i'm listening to this guy, he knows where the damn bird is" look... She was flawless on the land portion. To show off, I even made her dance a circle around the land blind. Ok... I made that up... it happened, but it was because I couldn't get her on the scent. She made a few mistakes in the water but not enough to fail. I had to handle her on the second memory bird, but it was a real messed up bird. They threw it straight away from us and behind the blind where it landed on a thin strip of land between two small ponds... and a big pond between us and the blind. She got caught up with the blind where they were working so I had to stop her and send her back. She also popped once on the water blind when she got caught up some lily's, but I gave a hand signal back (no verbal) and she went well after that. The judges were tough and I think the fail percentage showed that. They did tell me a couple times that she's a good dog. I knew the water would be her weakness because the ice only came off in early april. It only gave me a month and half to work with the water... and it was cold water and cold air, so i'm not sure I had her full attention span. I need to work on the weaknesses that I saw. I really need to find some bigger water to work with (and with land mixed in and heavy/crappy water). I have a medium sized swamp behind my house that I work in and we do handling drills in my pond... but nothing like she had to run in this weekend. I also attached a couple of pictures to show that she's not sitting idle during the hunting season. The first one was from a field hunt (9 months old). The second one was off Lake Ontario (11 months old). Check out the surf in the background... it didn't even phase her. I would have sent more but most of the days were raining so hard that we couldn't keep the lens to the cameras dry enough. Anyway, thanks for the good dog. I promise that she is not sitting idle much. She's training or hunting constantly... and NEVER inside. I can't even begin to express how happy I am with her. I'm hoping on getting her senior tests completed this year. Keep breeding them smart dogs. I'm sure I'll see you a few times this summer at some of the local field trials. Hope all is well. Scott





Adirondac Wind in the Willows

From potential to success....

Adirondac Fifth of Scotch is the first Adirondac MACH !


K-9 Unit Boosts Mission of West Virginia University Police

Dylan's Hearts

Ruger and Toby GRCA

Sergeant Joshua J. Cook and Adirondac Ginger sweeping the West Virginia Stadium for explosives


Opening day 18 for 18 with two blind retrieves.


Joanie P., Ruger and Toby clean house in Rally


Ruger at the National


after the test in the beautiful setting sunlight

Adirondac Goldens enjoyed a banner weekend at the Sept. Finger Lakes Retriever Club hunt test.



New CCA's

UD Leg # 2 Adirondac Reddog Ruger

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